Humane Education Is The Way Forward To Ending Animal Cruelty

This is why we emphasize the importance of humane education as an integral part of every child development. Humane Education helps in instilling in the younger generation the values of kindness, respect, love, empathy, responsibility and compassion for animals and other people. This is Fatumata and her pet baby “JUSTICE”. Fatumata is a member of our Animal Kindness Club in her school. She and JUSTICE have been able to inspire her entire family and community members that animals are just like us, they feel pain, suffer, and need love and care.

Happy and Healthy Animals; Happy and Healthy Communities

For the past years, LAWCS has been working toward the elimination of rabies and improving the health and welfare of dogs and cats in rural Liberia. LAWCS conducts regular village to village general veterinary care program which includes rabies and pavovirus vaccinations, deworming, tick and flea medications, wound dressing, mange treatment, etc. This program helps to improve the welfare and health of the pets and the community people who live and interact with them daily.

Celebration of International Dog Day

On August 26, 2020, LAWCS joined other organizations around the world to celebrate dogs and their contributions to humanity. Dogs have been our friends and trusty helpers for thousands of years. They have shared our burdens, brought us joy, protected us from dangers, guarded our properties, rescued other animals and people from dangers, put food on the tables for many people in poor countries, and showed us the true meaning of friendship. Dogs show us unconditional love. They do not care what we look like, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are educated or uneducated; our dogs greet us and serve us with unconditional love. These lovely animals do all of these very important things for us, but many people in our society pay them back with cruelty. Some people keep dogs without caring for them, without providing them the proper food and protection. Many people also eat them. LAWCS continues to stand up and speak for these lovely animals.

Finding Hope in Pet during COVID-19

At LAWCS, We emphasize the importance of Humane Education for the younger generation because the impacts are real and physical. Krubo is one of our Animal Kindness Stars in her school. Schools are now closed due to COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Krubo is now spending the STAY HOME preventive measure with her family in their little village. Krubo took her little cute puppy, BUSH to the river to bath her. Both Krubo and Bush love one another. The power of Humane Education can change the entire world. The children are now finding happiness with their pets during this period of global pandemic.

LAWCS 2020 First Quarter Update

Humane Education Program in 42 Schools

Touching the lives of children through Humane Education and connecting them to experience the unconditional love of animals help to inspire and make them as compassionate people who will become animal caregivers, ambassadors, educators, advocates and rescuers. Our team visits and creates the opportunities for the children in 42 schools to discover their innate love and passion for other creatures that share the planet with us through various interactive programs. Our team met and inspired 2816 children from January to March, 2020.

LAWCS Animal Kindness Star

Every time we highlight children who are doing wonderful work to save and improve conditions for animals. Mary Saah and her friends were doing community outreach animal welfare education as part of their Kindness Club project when she saw this puppy in a very bad state-the dog was starving and filthy. With tears in her eyes, she immediately asked the puppy’s owner if she could take the puppy home. The owner agreed. She rescued the puppy and named her LUCKY. Mary and Lucky are now the best of friends-as you can see in the pictures. Together they serve as models in their community and school. Other children are now learning from Mary and Lucky about kindness, compassion and love for animals. Your donation can help prepare and graduate many kids as Mary who will serve as animal ambassadors, advocates, rescuers and educators.

LAWCS Free Outreach Animal Health Clinic

LAWCS Outreach clinics target poor communities in rural Lofa County and offer free veterinary services such as de-worming, mange treatment, rabies and parovirus vaccinations, sores treatment, flea/tick prevention and treatment and free nutritional diets for dogs and cats. Basic animal welfare education is also offered during the clinics. By working with rural communities to improve the health of their animals through education and free treatments, we are helping to create healthier, safer and happier communities for animals and people. For the past three months, LAWCS conducted 8 animal clinics and treated 609 dogs and 55 cats. 2,421 animal owners were reached with the education program.

Wildlife Protection Initiative

Liberia is a rainforest country with diverse species of wild animals but sadly, bush meat, habitat loss, mining activities, and wildlife trafficking are the main drivers pushing many of the species to the brink of extinction. LAWCS is combating bush meat, wildlife trafficking and habitat loss by engaging rural communities around protected areas, bush meat sellers and school children with various wildlife protection messages including the importance of protecting wildlife, the forest, and the wildlife protection law of Liberia. 1297 community members, market women and school children were met and inspired to protect the wildlife population of Liberia and its habitats.

Guinea Working Animal Welfare Program

Working cattle and donkeys are the main animals used in Guinea for agricultural activities including transporting materials. Kankan region where we work has no animal welfare organization to work with the authorities and animal owners to improve the health and welfare of the animals. The animal owners have little understanding of the health and welfare issues that affect their animals. They treat their animals based on the ways they think are appropriate not based on any proper and humane standards. Working animals are subjected to unnecessary suffering, pain and starvation with lack of veterinary care. Our tream provides free veterinary care for working animals and educates the children and animal owners about the basic welfare needs of animals. 619 working cattle and donkeys received direct veterinary care and treatments and 1739 animal owners and children were met and educated about kindness and compassion for animals.

Rabies Day Fundraiser for LAWCS

The Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society needs our help to vaccinate 1500 dogs in Kolba City, Lofa County this World Rabies Day 2019.

The Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society is a key player towards rabies elimination and responsible dog ownership programs in Liberia. Rabies has been confirmed in canines in Liberia and the presence and fear of this virus has serious implications for both humans and dogs. Reports of dog bites or rabies often leads to the mass killing of dogs by local authorities within communities.

Last year, the LAWCS rabies vaccination program saved the lives of 1500 dogs in Voinjama City that may have otherwise been killed because of suspected rabies cases in the area. This year, we hope to provide free rabies vaccinations to the same number of dogs in Kolba City, Lofa County during the celebration of World Rabies Day in September.

Donations through this GoFundMe will be received by Animal Kind International, a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which will disburse the funds to LAWCS.  

More information about Animal Kind International: AKI raises funds for & sends supplies to existing animal welfare organizations (AWO) in Africa, Latin America, Caribbean & E. Europe. We support AWOs (our partner organizations) in: Uganda, Liberia, Tanzania, Ghana, Namibia, So. Sudan, Honduras, Jamaica, & Armenia. We do the due diligence on our AW partner orgs so you know that your donations are being used to help animals in need. We send 100% of all donations received to our partner organizations. We have no overhead.

Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society 2018 Annual Success Report

In 2018, LAWCS achieved the following:

Provided free healthcare and treatments for 6,000 companion animals (dogs and cats), and 3,000 farm animals (goats, sheep and pigs)

Established Humane Education Programs in 36 schools, reached and inspired 25,600 schoolchildren

Conducted animal welfare education program in 90 towns and reached 3,570 adults

Established Animal Welfare Focal Group in each of the 90 towns with 10 members each

Trained and empowered 80 classroom teachers with various humane education materials

LAWCS was represented and made presentations at conferences in Kenya, Lesotho, Jordan and Lebanon

Established school garden in 10 schools and provided plant based diets to 3,000 schoolchildren

Established Animal Kindness Clubs in the 36 schools with 30 members each, totaling to 1,080 members

Supported 36 Student-Led Humane Education Projects which helped the students/Animal Kindness Clubs to undertake various programs that impacted the lives of animals, people and improve the environment

Rescued and re-homed 50 neglected pets (dogs and cats)

Responded to 60 animal abuse cases

Conducted a year round Radio Education Program with 2 community radios reaching the public with various animal welfare messages

Conducted World Rabies Day and World Animal Day celebrations reaching over 2,000 people at each event

Provided free rabies vaccine for 1,500 dogs and cats in Voinjama City

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