LAWCS Annual Report 2015



  1. LAWCS` Humane Education Program In Liberia
  2. Campaign Against Pet Eating/Responsible Dog Ownership
  3. Vegan Outreach Program/Plant Based Diets for School Children
  4. LAWCS` Basic Animal Healthcare Program
  5. The Abandoned Chimpanzees in Liberia
  6. Conclusion

LAWCS` Humane Education Program In Liberia

Promoting care, compassion, and respect for all animals is fundamental to preventing animal cruelty. An active step towards improving permanent conditions for all animals is humane education.

With humane education, LAWCS is making a tremendous difference in the lives of many animals and people. Currently, LAWCS is the only registered animal welfare organization in Liberia that has been providing humane education to the public. The need for education on animal welfare in Liberia is pertinent. LAWCS believes that education is key to ending animal cruelty and creating a just and caring society where animal and human welfare matter. Education is a critical element in preparing a generation of animal lovers, increasing community responsiveness to animal welfare issues. Education also helps to tackle the inhumane treatment of animals at abattoirs, educate the general population on animal welfare, and to change attitudes and practices towards humane treatment of animals. With education, we are reducing the number of children harmed by dogs through our dog bite prevention program.

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Anti-Pet Eating Campaign Report – Sept 2015

R 13

Dogs have been our friends and trusty helpers for thousands of years. They have shared our burdens, brought us joy, protected us from dangers, guarded our properties, and showed us the meaning of friendship. Dogs show us unconditional love. They do not care what we look like, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are educated or uneducated; our dogs greet us with unconditional love. These lovely animals do all of these fascinating things for us, but many people in our society pay them back with cruelty.

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The Importance of LAWCS Humane Education in Schools



Liberia is a post war country struggling to recover amidst overwhelming challenges including animal abuse, lack of electricity, high unemployment rate and the recent Ebola crisis that took over 3,000 lives in a country with a very small population of 3.4 millions. More attention is been placed on human development and revitalizing the economy. Liberia has no policy or regulation that protects animals, mainly domestic animals. In Liberia, animals in general are not that highly regarded among people. The concept of animal welfare and rights is seen in Liberia as a new phenomenon. For centuries, animals have been considered in Liberia as commodities and source of income. It is a generational issue. Children grow up seeing their parents and other relatives abusing animals and no one cares at all.


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Anti-Pet Eating and Humane Education

H 3

Presently our program is attracting hundreds of children from every school. We use TV and sometimes projector to teach humane education including the dog bite prevention education using the Clicker Puppy training DVD.

During the program, we provide vegan meal to all the children attending the event. We deal with over 500 children at each program.

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Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Report – 2015

Duration: March to May 22, 2015

Report Date: May 26, 2015

Summary report on the activity implementation

Liberia is one of the countries in the world where little or no information is given to children about dog body language and bite prevention.

Children are being attacked by dogs due to lack of knowledge about dog safety and dog behavior; and for every child that is attacked; it is the dog that pays the ultimate price when euthanized. Before the establishment of the dog bite prevention program in Lofa County, Liberia by the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society in partnership with Doggone Safe Canada, the dog bite incidence in Lofa County among the children was alarming, with community leaders authorizing the killing of community dogs as means of curtailing the rampant dog bite incidents. This method did not help to reduce the incidents among the children until 2011 when Doggone Safe started to empower LAWCS to educate the children about dog body language and bite prevention. Since then there has been drastic reduction in the number of dog bite incidents among children in communities visited by the program.

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A Well Fed World – Vegan Feeding Program in Liberia

VEGAN 22First of all, the people of Lofa County, Liberia and the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society extend sincere thanks and appreciation to Dawn Moncrief and the entire staff and compassionate donors of A Well Fed World for the donations. The funds made tremendous impact at this crucial moment in Liberia when Liberians are fighting the Ebola epidemic. The Ebola crisis has taken the lives of over 4,000 Liberians. The fund was very crucial in saving the lives of farm animals, pets and feeding the starving population with free vegan food.

When the Ebola disease started in Liberia in March, 2014, the government of Liberia placed a ban on the hunting and eating of all bush meat as one of the effective ways of fighting the spread of the Ebola disease. The banning of bush meat consumption in the country was highly appreciated by the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society. However, the ban created a very serious threat for farm animals and pets. The consumption of farm animals and pets increased at an alarming rate.

The Ebola epidemic has also created food shortage in the country. The virus entered the country at which time the subsistence farmers were getting ready to start their farming activities. The Ebola crisis disrupted every farming activity in the affected communities. Lofa County is one of the epicenters for the Ebola virus in the country. The virus entered the country through Lofa County from neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The funds received from A Well Fed World were used to address the issues of farm animal and pet consumption and feed the starving population with free vegan food. The Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society used the funds to provide free plant based diets to four affected towns in Lofa County. These communities are:

1. Whycardou————500 people benefited
2. Bakorma————– 250 people benefited
3. Jarmolon————— 400 people benefited
4. Voinjama————– 154 people benefited
A Total of: 1,304 people benefited from the plant based diets

The Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society spent three days in each town.

Day 1: Educated the people on the importance of plant based diets/ Animal protection
Day 2: Provided plant based diets for the entire community as sample food
Day 3: Gave each family a take home supply of plant based diets.

We wouldn`t have saved the lives of farm animals, pets and the starving population at this crucial time in Liberia without your support. We therefore extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the family of A Well Fed World and all the compassionate donors.

Morris Darbo
Program Coordinator
Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society

Clean Water Needed for the People of Liberia

W P 3Liberia presently accounts for over 50% of the Ebola death rate in the world. One main contributing factor is the living condition of the people. Most of the remote villages drink from streams. The people have to go for water very earlier in order to get so called clean water. Children as small as 5 years have to join their mothers in order to fetch water for their families.

USD $1,500 can construct a safe drinking water pump for an entire community. Click on the donation links to the right to help provide fresh water to people who desperately need it.

Continuing Activities with Children Affected by Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Schools are still close up to next year. LAWCS volunteers continue  actively engaging the children in various educational activities including dog bite prevention education, study classes, outdoor activities, etc.

Operation Hand Wash Against Ebola – Update Nov 9

Help 8Schools should have been opened since September, but due to the current health crisis in the country schools are closed for time indefinite. Lot of these children are also traumatized as a result of the disease. Some of them lost either parents or both. They witnessed lot of sad events- seeing their parents been taken away to the treatment center and never returned.

We decided to fill in the gap and create psycho-pedagogical activities for the children along with some educational activities including Dog bite prevention. We conduct study classes for them. Organize outdoor activities including soccer games, story telling, Ebola awareness and dramas. We also gave them football to keep them busy and preventive materials to be used when they are together playing.

We are hoping to distribute used clothes and footwear to some of the children that lost their parents.
Extend our sincere thanks to the kids. They are in the fight with us.

Taking Humane Education to the Communities – Ebola Response Update

IMG_2444This free outreach veterinary service was conducted to improve the relationship between dogs and their owners. The program made dog owners to values their dogs. Due to the presently unprecedented health crisis our country is faced, ban has been placed on bush meat posing another threat for domestic animals including dogs- “Man Best Friend“.  We organized the program to strengthening a cordial relationship between dogs and their owners. It was a successful program with dog owners appreciating the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society for undertaking this initiative. The program also encourage people to care for their dogs including the living condition and health.

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