Anti-Pet Eating Campaign Report – Sept 2015

R 13

Dogs have been our friends and trusty helpers for thousands of years. They have shared our burdens, brought us joy, protected us from dangers, guarded our properties, and showed us the meaning of friendship. Dogs show us unconditional love. They do not care what we look like, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are educated or uneducated; our dogs greet us with unconditional love. These lovely animals do all of these fascinating things for us, but many people in our society pay them back with cruelty.

These dogs are fed with the leftover foods which are not enough. As a result, these dogs are left to fetch their own food roaming all around in the streets. Some people in our society also keep dogs for food which is totally unethical. Some are bred for marketing. Their owners do not provide them with their other basic needs (safe haven, medical care, love, clean water, exercise, and balanced diets) and finally these lovely and helpful animals are killed through strangling and beating for human consumption. These acts are unethical and inhumane. It is a generational problem.

In order to address the dog meat trade and the deplorable conditions in which these caring animals live, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society is working with dog owners by providing:

  1. Responsible dog ownership training
  2. Safe havens for the dogs
  3. Blankets
  4. Food and water bowls
  5. Dog food
  6. Free veterinary care

The project is causing dog owners to value their dogs and start caring for them. We are hoping that in the long run, dog meat trade will be eradicated from our society.

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