Operation Hand Wash Against Ebola – Update Nov 9

Help 8Schools should have been opened since September, but due to the current health crisis in the country schools are closed for time indefinite. Lot of these children are also traumatized as a result of the disease. Some of them lost either parents or both. They witnessed lot of sad events- seeing their parents been taken away to the treatment center and never returned.

We decided to fill in the gap and create psycho-pedagogical activities for the children along with some educational activities including Dog bite prevention. We conduct study classes for them. Organize outdoor activities including soccer games, story telling, Ebola awareness and dramas. We also gave them football to keep them busy and preventive materials to be used when they are together playing.

We are hoping to distribute used clothes and footwear to some of the children that lost their parents.
Extend our sincere thanks to the kids. They are in the fight with us.