Our Mission

Mission Statement:
To create a caring and socially responsible environment where ANIMALS and PEOPLE live in harmony

A world where ANIMALS and PEOPLE are treated with compassion and respect

Working together for a better future for ANIMALS and PEOPLE

  • Our Partners:
  • Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society (LAWCS) is grateful to the following organizations for their financial support towards our animal protection work in Liberia. Together with them, we continue to make substantial differences for animals and people in Liberia.
    Animal-Kind International, www.animal-kind.org
    LUSH, www.uk.lush.com
    SPANA, www.spana.org
    Alice Morgan Wright-Edith J. Goode Trust
    A Well Fed World, http://awfw.org/
    William and Charlotte Parks Foundation, http://www.parksfoundation.org/
    And a list of compassionate individuals who share our belief that animals deserve freedom, happiness and better lives.
    LAWCS is also grateful to the following organizations for the continued support in veterinary materials.
    World Veterinary Service, https://wvs.org.uk/
    Project V.E.T.S, http://www.projectvets.org/