Celebration of International Dog Day

On August 26, 2020, LAWCS joined other organizations around the world to celebrate dogs and their contributions to humanity. Dogs have been our friends and trusty helpers for thousands of years. They have shared our burdens, brought us joy, protected us from dangers, guarded our properties, rescued other animals and people from dangers, put food on the tables for many people in poor countries, and showed us the true meaning of friendship. Dogs show us unconditional love. They do not care what we look like, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are educated or uneducated; our dogs greet us and serve us with unconditional love. These lovely animals do all of these very important things for us, but many people in our society pay them back with cruelty. Some people keep dogs without caring for them, without providing them the proper food and protection. Many people also eat them. LAWCS continues to stand up and speak for these lovely animals.

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