International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge 2014


DURATION: March 3, to May 23, 2014

SPONSOR: Doggone Safe Canada



Doggone Safe Canada is a strong partner to the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society. Through materials and monetary support from Doggone Safe Canada, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society has a sustainable dog bite prevention program established in 10 schools and an outreach program in additional 11 schools.

Dog bite prevention education is cardinal in rebuilding a country- Liberia where nearly 85% of the population lives below USD 1 dollar per day and the means of accessing anti- human rabies vaccine is nearly impossible. Dogs are part of the family circle but suffer as the result of rabies and the dog meat trade. When there is an outbreak of rabies, killing has been the only easy method used to wipe out the disease. This method failed to eliminate or reduce the spread of the deadly and neglected disease. In partnership with Doggone Safe Canada, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society introduced the dog bite prevention program in various communities and schools in Lofa County, Liberia targeting mainly children- the main victims of dog bite. The program is making an impressive improvement in the fight against the spread of rabies and the killing of dogs as the mean of curtailing the spread of rabies. Today, as the result of LAWCS intervention, dog bite incidence are drastically reduced in the communities where LAWCS is working and people continue to live happily with their dogs.

LAWCS presently has 5 teachers volunteering as dog bite prevention presenters in their various schools and communities.
These volunteers were trained and empowered with dog bite prevention materials to conduct activities with their school children.
13,949 students were trained during the awareness program.

Below are the schools and number of students educated during the program:

Screenshot 2014-06-23 at 10.17.07 AM

We are grateful to Doggone Safe Canada for the monetary support given us that enable us to reach to these schools and educate the children on the prevention of dog bite.

We also want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our volunteers who offered their time and services in reaching out to the children. These volunteers are: Abraham Fofana, Korpo Mason, Emmanuel Vorgbor, Ruth Kollie and T. Akoi Yorlorba.