World Rabies Day 2011

rabies12The Liberia Animal Welfare Society is a local community based animal welfare organization registered with the government of Liberia in 2004 with the aim of promoting a peaceful society where both animals and humans can live in as companions.
In partnership with a non-profit organization- Doggone Safe, LAWS was able to celebration this year World Rabies Day. This year World Rabies Day celebration focused on dog bite prevention among children. Little is known about this deadly and neglected disease in Liberia. Educating school children about this disease and how to prevent it, helps to spread the information in various communities in Liberia.

Dogs are the main carriers of rabies in Liberia. Children are the main victim of dog bite.

The Liberia Animal Welfare Society carried out dog bite prevention in ten (10) schools and four (4) communities. 1,200 school children and community children were trained in dog bite prevention. The celebration was very successful. The children fully participated in the sessions. Teachers in those schools were also part of the training. During the training, we encouraged the children to report all dog bite cases to the nearer clinics or hospitals. They were also taught on first aid treatment before getting to the clinics or hospitals by thoroughly washing the wound with soap and lot of water.

LAWS would not have done this without the assistance from Doggone Safe through it President Joan Orr; therefore, we want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Doggone Safe.

We are hoping to receive assistance from other groups to help continue this program.


Morris Darbo
Liberia Animal Welfare Society