Fighting Rabies in Liberia

R 4Theme of the day

The theme of the day was pretty straightforward, “Kick Rabies out of Liberia!”

The regional coordinator of LAWS, Morris Darbo, gave the keynote address, announcing that this was the very first time that World Rabies Day had ever been celebrated in Liberia, and that this marked the start of raising awareness in the way that is really needed to combat this disease. Rabies can only be “kicked out of Liberia” if everyone recognizes that it’s a disease of both animals and humans — and we can only have a healthy society when the health of both humans and all living creatures is important to all of us.

He expanded this to other zoonotic diseases, “Our pets are our relatives; they are part of our families,” calling on the government to include animal health concerns along with human health concerns. The government must provide rabies vaccines for dogs as part of community health care in Liberia. To defeat rabies, it is essential that a veterinary facility be provided with the rabies vaccines and that rabies education be included in the school curriculum.

He pointed out that in cases where authorities have responded to a rabies outbreak by killing the dogs that this has only made the problem worse, since dogs from outlying areas then move into the cities to fill the void left by the dogs who have been killed. The best defense against rabies is a stable population of dogs who have been vaccinated against rabies.

Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2010

LAWS7The Liberia Animal Welfare Society Lofa Branch has been working with two organisations in administering free vaccines and other treatments for animals in some part of Lofa county. The below information will give you the detail about the work:
We worked with Vets Without Borders team from America in administering rabies vaccine to dogs and cats, and dewormer to cattle, goat and sheep. The vaccination provided by Vets without Borders team from America were given to animals in Foya District, Lofa County.This activity took place on April 15 and 16 2010.

The other free treatment was provided by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) This activity took place from April 18 to the 25, 2010. All the activities were done in very few communities in two districts. Foya and Voinjama districts. Lofa County has seven districts. We are appealing to other organisations to help the Liberia Animal Welfare Society to provide treatments for animals in this part of the world. Since 1985, there has been no facility to provide treatments and protect the welfare of animals in Liberia. This organisation needs fund, technical assistance and other resources to provide full protection and treatment for the welfare of animals in Liberia.

Sincerely yours,
Morris Darbo
Regional Coordinator
LAWS, Lofa branch

Spay Day 2011

The Liberia Animal Welfare Society will educate community people and students about the important of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. In Liberia people are not educate on spay and neuter asa the result there are lot of stray dogs and cats because people are not able to feed all the dogs and cats they have. Some times, when there is an out break of rabies in a community, people will kill all the dogs as means of controlling the spread of rabies and controlling the Birth rate of dogs and cats. LAWS believes that if more awareness and education are done in various communities and in schools, people will prefer to spay/neuter their dogs and cats than killing them to control the birth rate. This is also help in reducing stray dogs and cats in the various communities. LAWS will engage in creating awareness in four schools in Voinjama City, namely: SDA School, Voinjama Public School, Child Welfare Community School and Newlife Community School. The activity will be done in Vezela, Voinjama City, Galam, Lawalazu, Sarkonedu and Selega. This event will be done in February, 2011.

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